The Best is Yet to Come: Life After 55

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Life after 55 isn’t necessarily slow and stagnant…there is plenty to do and see. Retirement opens so many new possibilities— like travelling, exploring new interests, etc. The only way to enjoy these is by investing in your physical safety. Did you know that senior citizens, age 75+ are the most likely to experience hazardous falls (70% of which are fatal), house fires (32% fatal); carbon monoxide poisoning; burglaries, identity theft and more? Yes, these risks are definitely there and they can happen to anyone.

Don’t take your safety for granted—the unexpected can happen when it’s least expected. ADT Advanced Direct Security provides the perfect peace of mind for senior citizens and their families. ADT provides the best home monitoring systems AND ADT medical alert systems.

ADT medical alert systems provide two-way voice, fall detection and wearable wristbands and pendants. Don’t play a game with your life—protect it with the leaders of security and innovation! Maintaining your physical safety will allow you to fully enjoy all of life’s future promises; it’s also give your family a peace of mind knowing you are protect 24 hours a day; seven days a week. Contact ADT Advanced Direct Security to find out more.

Retirement really means getting started! ADT is here to see you every step of the way. Your safety maters!

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life after 55

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