Top 10 Clothing Infographics

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Meaning of Colors

Did you know, that every time you wear some clothing, that color signals which kind of person you are? Find your favorite color, and see what the color says about you.

meaning of colors 1Source: starfashion

The Cotton of the Future

They say cotton is the fabric of our lives. But to environmentalists, cotton production is a thorn in the earth’s side. Often considered the world’s dirtiest crop, cotton’s synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and extreme water use has consumers reconsidering the clothing fabric. It’s time to take a good hard look at cotton and compare it to the alternatives.

the cotton of the future 1Source: roozt

Uncomfortable Men’s Underware

Whether they’re boxers or briefs, men’s underwear needs aren’t being satisfied. According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research for FRIGO 75% of U.S. men have had issues with their underwear.

uncomfortable men’s underware 1Source: revolutionwear

Wedding Guest Attire Demystified!

Knowing what to wear to a wedding can be challenging. Here we’ve made it simple to know how to dress for each wedding you’re invited to!

wedding guest attire demystified 1Source: wedding101

Sunglass Fashion

Since the 1950s, each decade has brought a new style of sunglasses to the mainstream. Once only used by pilots, aviator-style shades went mainstream in the 1960s. Styles like the wayfarer started in the 1950s and re-emerged in the 1980s and 2000s. These trends go to show that, just like the sun, the styles of shades come full circle.

sunglass fashion 1Source: imgur

Who’s the World’s Top Model?

In the cutthroat world of modeling, these were the most in-demand women of the past year. From magazine covers and editorial spreads to ad campaigns, here’s how our top 5 models stack up.

who’s the world’s top model 1Source: thefashionspot

Buying a Winter Jacket

You can’t do much about the weather except plan for it. Today outwear options include a wide array of high-tech innovations and specialized textiles.

buying a winter jacket 1Source: creditdonkey

Tie DIY – Every Knot you Need to Know

For every type of tie comes a ton of ways to tie it. Unless, of course, you’re still relying on cheesy clip-ons or amateur YouTube tutorials to scape by without the proper knot knowledge. Fear not, loose-collared gents: for those not-in-the-know looking to learn the basics or maybe mix up their style for work and play, we’ve got you covered with every knot you’ll ever need to know and then some.

tie DIY every knot you need to know 1Source: visual

That’s a Lot of Shirting!

Every day we wear shirts that engage people and promote companies.

that’s a lot of shirting 1Source: lemon

The Truth about Skinny Jeans

Liposuction Tummy Tucks or hours at the gym are not needed skinny jeans  are tapered to the ankle making you look thinner.

the truth about skinny jeans 1Source: bootsjeansandleathers

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