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Topple Track, an anti-piracy service for musicians, record labels and music distributors has recently teamed up with social media monitoring company JustGo to create the Top 100 DJs list based on data.

The two companies handle large amounts of data about music and decided to put together a list for the highly debated DJ ranking system. Although you may see some of the big names on other lists, their list is based soley on data, not votes.

Social media metrics say a lot about how popular a DJ is and usually artists with more fans can conjure up more votes for other polls. Since their ranking can effect their tour schedule and even how much money they earn, many DJs take to their social media accounts to “campaign” every year.

Thus, you see many familiar names in this list. What seems to be more exciting though, is the rate at which electronic music is growing. This infographic offers some numbers that show staggering growth within the genre. Watch out next year for a similar study, and perhaps continued growth amongst fans.

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top 100 djs


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