Great Diamond Heists: The How, Who and What (And If They Got Away With It) (Infographic)

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Hollywood movies have added glamour and excitement to diamond heists, as well as provide viewers a cinematic experience on how they are executed without a hitch. This Brilliance infographic featuring some of the most famous ones shows the many “facets” that make up a high-profile diamond theft. It also describes the different profiles of those who work to make the heist a success: the hacker, the grafter, the mastermind, the thief, and the muscle guy.

A more detailed look at eight widely publicized diamond heists since the year 2000 are provided in this infographic. The different methods range from amateur to inside jobs, through to those considered downright “genius”. Readers can glean meticulous information on the date of the theft, how much the diamond is worth, which tools were used, and how the heist fared (whether it was a triumph or a failure).

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Source: brilliance

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