Top 5 Addiction Infographics

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Sleeping Pill Addiction

Have you ever gotten to a point where sleep seems impossible without a pill? Whether it be from stress or restfulness, more and more people are turning to sleeping pills to get that good night’s sleep that they desire.

sleeping pill addiction 1Source: rehabinfo

The Twelve Steps of Recovery

Since 1935, the emergence of the 12 step program has helped to address a wide range of substance abuse and dependency problems. Over 200 self-help organizations employ a 12-stpes program in order to aid recovery.

the twelve steps of recovery 1Source: recoveryconnection


Are you addicted to Angry Birds?

So, which gamers convert better from free to pay? Males are 35% more likely to buy an angry birds game than females, 1 to 24 year old are 33% more likely to buy an angry birds game than those 25 and older. 18 to 24 year old males are 76% more likely to buy an angry birds game as females 25 and older.

are you addicted to angry birds 1Source: aytm

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is common in every age group, but generation Y has it bad. If they can’t Google it, there’s gonna be trouble. Thank jobs it’s on them at all times. Studies suggest internet addiction can signal future substance addictions. However, voters who admitted to using other substances were less likely to claim “Internet Addiction.”

internet addiction 1Source: sodahead

How Addictive is Social Media?

You see how many facebook friends post pictures ad update their status on a regular basis, but just how drawn into social media are we these days? May admit to being addicted, but they also see social media as a positive.

how addictive is social media 1Source: totaldui

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