Top 5 Nuclear Weapons Infographics

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Nuclear Weapons

Anything from Hiroshima to James Bond may come to mind when you think of nuclear weapons. At any rate, extreme danger always enters the picture. There is nothing soothing about these deadly pieces of machinery but this information will hopefully pull back a little of the cloak from their mystique.

nuclear weapons 1Source: dailyinfographic

Nuclear Weapons – World

Even though the Cold War has been over for decades and the world’s superpower countries have stopped production of nuclear weapons, there are still massive amounts of nuclear warheads that are active or stockpiled.

nuclear weapons world 1Source: armscontrol

Nukes Ready to Fly

In three weeks, NATO allies meet in Chicago with one topic on the agenda being nuclear weapons ad their reduction, however, as the federation of American Scientists pointed out this week, “since Russia, the United States and NATO cloak their non-strategic nuclear forces in a veil of outdated and unnecessary secrecy, new initiatives are needed to increase transparency of such forces.”

nukes ready to fly 1Source: globalsecurity

Elimination of Chemicals Weapons in the World

Most chemical weapons are eliminated in line with a UN convention and under the control of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

elimination of chemicals weapons in the world 1Source: ria

Nuclear World

During the Cold War the U.S. and Russia stored nuclear weapons which today still volume to nearly 95.5% of the world’s nuclear weapons. Other countries such as China, France, the UK and Pakistan have grown nervous and built up their own nuclear weapon inventory. All of these nuclear weapons equal alot of nuclear power if ever used.

nuclear world 1Source: elistmania

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