Types of MEWP for Working At Height

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What’s a MEWP? It’s a Mobile Elevating Work Platform. This may well be the only infographic about these machines that exists, despite the fact that MEWPs are found in most countries that use machines for construction projects (which is a lot of countries). MEWPs aren’t only used in construction – they’re often found making high-angle shots possible in film and television production.

‘Cherry Pickers’ are one of the most common types – their name comes from, you guessed it, the fruit-picking industry, as (obviously) they enabled eager fruit farmers to harvest fruit more easily by offering a stable platform for work – it certainly beats using a ladder!

As popular as MEWPs are, the Transformers series of cartoons and films haven’t featured a transforming MEWP just yet, but there’s still time.

Now it’s not likely that you’ll ever own a MEWP – you might rent one perhaps, but it’s certainly possible that you may see a MEWP during your lifetime – and using this infographic, now you can tell what kind it is.

(Click on the image for full view)

mewp types

Source: APL Aerial Platforms

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