How to Write a Resume for the $80k Professional?

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As careers evolve, resumes should follow suit. However, most professionals haven’t changed the format or content of their resume since they landed their first entry-level role. That resume just won’t cut it when it comes to an $80,000+ job. Resume Target outlines what needs to be changed, and why. has created an infographic to turn the mind-numbing process of resume writing into an easy-to-follow process. If you are trying to break into management or land a high-paying role, your resume needs to have a certain essence of professionalism.

A professional resume is completely different from the one used to land an entry-level role, and most people don’t know how to bring themselves up to that level. has worked with professionals across North America for the last 14 years, to help them land their next role. They have now created an infographic to outline the DO’s and DON’TS for writing a resume for an $80,000+ job.

• What’s a branding statement, and why does it matter?
• Objective statements don’t exist anymore – you need a value statement.
• A chronological resume isn’t outdated, it’s effective.
• Remove high school education from the resume… immediately.
• No one cares about your hobbies, unless they are directly related to your field of work.

The infographic not only explains what to do, but it also puts it into practice with examples…

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