Top 5 Resume Infographics

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Chris Lucero Media Director

Accomplished media director with a humbled soul and eager to learn attitude. Who has a unique combination of technical expertise, managerial experience, business leadership, and media production to lead and implement web platforms and business operations.

chris lucero media director 1Source: teqnik

The History of the CV

The National Careers Service website proposals a range of web tools that help train and write CVs and other learning information. It also offers a free, safe and secure online location for them to store their CV. The infographic depicts how the CV was born and also how it has evolved through time since the first recorded CV was written by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century. Medieval travellers often used CVs as an informal way of presenting themselves to the lords. In the 20th century it was formalised and more information was added to the documents – such as an applicant’s likes and hobbies, in order to better lay out a potential employee’s interests.

the history of CV 1Source: nationalcareersservice

The Anatomy of a Great Resume

This infographic provides some useful advices when it comes to creating your resume the best it can be.

the anatomy of a great resume 1Source: topcounselingschools Resume has come up with a great way to assistance you represent your career online. resume 1Source: beyond

The Truth about Lying on Resumes

Some of the most common things that job seekers lie or otherwise misrepresent on their resume. 46% of the resumes submitted by job applicants contain some measure of false information. 70% of college students said they would lie on their resume in order to get the job they want.

the truth about lying on resumes 1Source: visual

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