4 Link Building Sidekicks To Avoid At All Costs! (Infographic)

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Be on the lookout for these maniacal link building sidekicks!

1. Directoron
Directoron appears to be able to provide you with an endless amount of directory links for your Website; however, even with the grasp of two ‘Link Zappers’ by his side, he doesn’t possess an iota of SEO knowledge. Not only is he unable to vary your anchor text, but he also basically guarantees that ninety seven percent of these directories will have an identical ip address. Talk about leaving a footprint!

2. Recipricor
Recipricor is king of the off topic switch up, or ‘Reciperang,’ leaving you with hundreds of backlinks and no new inbound knowledge. You will end up encountering reciprocal links pages miles in length while still somehow remaining convinced that you’re seeking out relevant Web content due to Recipricor’s endless amount of negative energy.

3. Sitewider
Sitewider specializes in placing keyword rich site wide links on completely unrelated Public Relations blogs, inviting a storm of penguins. He will choose to repeat your most used search phrase endlessly when attempting to link back instead of modifying your anchor text. Sitewider scoffs at Google’s webmaster guidelines, choosing to create his own rules instead.

4. ForumBoywe
ForumBoy is never spotted without his infamous remote control, ‘Link O’ Copter,’ utilizing it to plug links on High PageRank authority forums. He recently was graced with a York Plumbing client, spreading his love of 3500 keyword rich signature links on forums ranging from Bonsai Trees to Bavarian Beer all the way back to Pot Bellied Pigs.

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4 link building sidekicks to avoid at all costs 1Source: infaweb

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