The State of SEO Agencies in 2014

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How well do SEO agencies know their customers and vice versa? What are the biggest challenges and problems for companies wanting to outsource (part of) their SEO workflow? Where are the biggest mismatches between the services of SEO agencies and the requirements of their clients?

We at linkbird (a Berlin-based software company) have conducted an extensive market study which includes the views of both SEO agencies and their clients and allows to juxtapose the respective expectations and needs of both sides. The infographic will give you a clear understanding of the complex relationship between agencies and their customers in 2014: for instance, the gap between what agencies and clients deem to be the most effective activities in SEO.

The collected data within the infographic also sheds some light on the general state of the SEO industry in 2014 by taking a close look at where companies and agencies spend their money (and how much), and also what reasons clients have to outsource part of their SEO to an agency in the first place. You will further get a better picture of why companies refrain from hiring an SEO agency, what kind of concerns they have and the respective challenges the agencies themselves face while trying to deliver the desired results for their clients.

So, dig into the infographic, get new information on the current state of SEO agencies, their customers and those companies that are still uncertain about hiring an external SEO agency.

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state of seo agencies


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