Ways to Optimize the Registration Forms (Infographic)

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Online registration forms need to be filled in for various reasons and it is seen that 86% of the people leave a website if the sign up request is too long. As per the study it is also seen that 50% of the people hate the process of creating a new password while 42% people find the registration forms too inquiring and long. It is a fact that the rate of people who drop off without completing a form is directly related to the number of questions in the form.

The registration forms must be created keeping several things in mind like its optimal length, optimal fields, it should be user friendly and others. A registration form should have a simple and an eye catching design and single column forms are considered to be better than 2 column ones.

The fields should be visually large for the convenience of the users and the form should have a logical and a natural flow. The questions in the forms should be precise and clear and the input requirement if any should be clearly defined. The error handling of the form should be good so that when an input error is found the form returns back but the fields that are filled in are retained. Device optimization is also very important while creating a registration form.

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ways to optimize the registration forms 1Source: sampleforms

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