How Severe Is Your Acne? (How Can You Treat It?) (Infographic)

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With so much information out there on the best ways to treat acne, it can be frustrating and slightly confusing to know what advice is best for your acne. This infographic from leading cosmeceutical retailer, Effortless Skin, details treatments plans for each type of acne, whether its mild, moderate or severe. From topical and oral treatments to health and lifestyle tips, there’s a wealth of advice suitable for whatever type of acne you may be suffering from. So take a closer look, and get the right advice for your acne, with a specified treatment plan. Let us know your thoughts too – so if you have any advice or tips to share, please comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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how servere is your acne how can you treat it 1Source: effortlessskin

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