Top 10 Cyber Security Infographics

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Cyber Security Research

Protect a company’s intellectual property and customer data by stopping advanced cyber threats. 61% of security and it professionals believe their organizations will be the target of an advanced attack within the next 6 months.

cyber security research

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The Spooky Side of Cyber Security

Are you scared for your digital life’s safety? You should. But sometimes, the things we do that undermine online security are scarier. 7 out of 10 people feel that they’re personally responsible in protecting their family’s online security, but only 4 out of 10 feel they know how to do so.

the spooky side of cybersecurity

Source: trendmicro

State of Cyber Security and How to Protect Your Online Privacy

You’re not as safe  as you think you are. Hackers around the world are working right now to take whatever they can get in they can get in the wild west of the web. Luckily, you aren’t helpless. Take a look at cybercrime by the numbers, and consider what you can do to protect your data, your security and your identity online.

state of cybersecurity and how to protect your online privacy

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Cyber Security What Makes a Strong Password

The frustration of a forgotten password can be just too much to bear. Why not go with “Charles 15” or “my password”? because cybercrime is so prevalent. If you want your bank account to still have your money in the morning, you’d better strengthen your password. Find out what makes a secure password, different techniques to create them, how to make them memorable, and what were some of the worst passwords of the past year!

cybersecurity what makes a strong password

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The Need for Increased Cyber Security

The growing number of attacks on our cyber networks has become a serious economical and national security threat. Worse, the growing number of cyber breaches we are experiencing now is just the tip of the iceberg. More internet access coupled with a lack of protection for personal data may potentially lead to a global rise in cybercrime, making cyber security one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation.

the need for increased cyber security

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Cyber Security

The broad adoption of digital media and social networking, combined with the increasing amount of sensitive data stored online, is making personal computer security more important than ever. But do different generations understand this problem and protect themselves while online?

cyber security

Source: zonealarm

Small Business Cyber Security

66% of small business depend on the internet for day to day operations. 72% of the known hacker breaches in 2011 affected business with 100 employees or less. 50% of small business think they are too small to be a hacker target.

small business cyber security

Source: veracode

Cyber Security What Every Government Employee Should Know

Why Government leaders are focused on cyber security. Over the past ten years, the frequency and sophistication of intrusions into U.S. military networks have increased exponentially.

cyber security what every government employee should know

Source: govloop

CISPA – Cyber Information and Security Protection Act

What is CISPA? While protesters were occupied with SOPA, a new cyber security bill snuck its way into congressional consideration. Introducing CISPA: what it is, where it came from, and why it makes SOPA look like amateur hour. CISPA gives the government access to your personal information in a whole new way.

CISPA-cyber information and security protection act

Source: paralegal

Small Business Online Security More Serious

Small business form backbone of U.S. economy. 1 in 2 American workers are employed in a small business. 15 million net new jobs created between 1993 and 2009. 73% say a safe and trusted internet is critical to their success.

small business online security more serious

Source: staysafeonline

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