Robert Griffin III Knee Injury (Infographic)

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Every year athletes suffer a wide variety of injuries as a hazard of their pastimes and professions.  But the recent knee injury of NFL quarterback, Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, has pushed knee injuries, specifically torn ACL’s, to the forefront of both fans and health professionals radars.  Just how bad is a torn ACL, really? The cost and recovery time may surprise you.

The surgeries required to repair the torn ligaments can easily cost $10,000 while a full knee replacement has an estimated cost of $15,000.  That’s one expensive injury since about half of all torn ACL’s require reconstructive surgery.  It gets even more expensive when you calculate that you’re going to be out of work anywhere from six weeks to six months for recovery.

This infographic presented by shows just how damaging a torn ACL can be to both your body as well as your checkbook.  Check it out!

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