A Hurricane Of Rich Data Is About To Hit (Infographic)

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There’s a hurricane of rich data just about to strike, and the broadband networks might not be prepared for it. Hopefully, consumers won’t have to pay the price, literally possibly, in slow network connections and rising costs passed on to them. Consumers are using more mobile devices today than ever before. After all, we are in a post-PC world, and smartphones and tablets are the easiest way to browse the Internet and communicate with others, oftentimes on social networks like facebook and twitter. Consumers are sharing visually heavy content like videos and photos more often too.

They are also consuming more visually rich data like e-books, Android games, soundtracks, and movies. This is causing what’s being called a 1000x challenge. The challenge is to create 1000x more bandwidth for all this data. With so many new mobile devices, and over the limits usage, broadband networks have to start expanding their networks, making them smarter, and using their resources more efficiently. If broadband networks can’t keep up, then the consumers are going to be up in arms about it. Weathering the storm will be hard for the broadband networks and will entail a diversified approach. In this Infographic, we visualize this big challenge and explore possible solutions.

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a hurricane of rich data is about to hit 1Source: spark.qualcomm

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