Apple Inc Investors Sentiment VS Stock Price (Infographic)

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Derwent Capital Markets, a leader within financial markets have always been that one step ahead when it comes to spread betting and have a unique way of gathering stock data using sentiments gathered from social networks. When the sentiment and stock prices started to slide after the iPad 4 and iPad mini release Derwent Capital Markets decided to produce an infographic presenting the correlation between historic stock data and social media sentiment analysis for the ever increasingly popular company, Apple.

DCM saw a decrease in the stocks for Apple shortly after the launch of their new iPad mini and iPad 4 devices. By using the sentiment analysis from social media sites, it gives a great insight into the forth-coming trends that could be seen on the market. Due to this the stocks can become a lot more predictable and instils confidence for people who are thinking of placing bets (although it is obviously not a fool proof method).

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