Clarifying the QR Code (Infographic)

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QR Code (standing for “Quick Response Code”) is a sort of two-dimensional bar code first designed in Japan. It’s been called “two-dimensional” bar because carrying information in the both vertical and horizontal direction, thus strengthen significantly the ability of carrying information in comparison to original bar-code. The QR Code looks like a complex matrix since consisting black square dots arranged in square grid on a white board.

At the first time, QR Code was created for the use in industry. However, it’s quickly become popular (outsite Japan), especially it’s been used commonly in advertising today. QR Code has been pretty powerful since it can be used in the Android OS and 3rd party bar-code scanner. This infographic was created to help people learn more about QR Code, a quite complicated visual matrices. To be more precise, what people want to know is the way QR Code works and how it will bring benefit to the users.

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Source: headexposed

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