Mobile & Smartphone Usage in Africa

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This infographic looks at the behaviour of mobile phone consumers in African countries. The visual – produced by – shows how mobile phone adoptions in Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria are changing attitudes towards mobile banking, m-commerce and network subscriptions.

The infographic also shows the enthusiasm for Smartphone by African mobile consumers – the African and middle-eastern Smartphone market is one of the world’s fastest growing.

Mobile commerce has also taken Africa by storm; around 67% of the Tanzanian population shops on their mobile, compared to a world average of 33%, By contrast, in South Africa, m-commerce is under-represented compared to the global average – only 24% of South Africans shop on their mobile phone.

The type of m-commerce activities practised by Ghanaians, Tanzanians and South Africans might come as a surprise: the most common mobile transactions are buying air time and phone credit, transferring money (mobile banking) and paying bills online.

Smartphones are also big news in Africa: 31% of Africans own a Smartphone – a figure which is up by 28% one last year.


Source: expatforum

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