Save Over $1500 A Month By Telecommuting

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According to recent government surveys, 24 per cent of Americans work at least for a few hours from home every week. Even the telecommuting ban on all Yahoo! employees from June this year by the CEO Marissa Mayers hasn’t managed to put a dent in the number of workers across the country aspiring to telecommute. As of last year, the number of employed Americans who could and want to telecommute was 50 million and counting.

So, what is it that makes telecommuting such an attractive option? Let’s find out.

Healthcare, technology and administration are some big sectors in which telecommuting are often a viable option, especially for those thinking of increased flexibility in a job or a possible career move. It may be something you have been thinking for a long time, but haven’t pursued in view of additional expenses and time that would be spent in training.

Just look online and you will come across companies like CareerStep that provide training solutions that are affordable and flexible, keeping in mind the changing market and career trends. Signing up for online classes can be the first step towards a career you’ve always dreamed of.

Telecommuting doesn’t only cut down on travel costs, but many other costs that you may have not even thought of. From savings on your multiple coffee runs to shelling out for childcare, telecommuting helps you save up your hard-earned cash for the more fun things in life.

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source: careerstep

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