SharePoint is so much more. Use the full potential (Infographic)

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SharePoint is widely used nearly all over the world. There are many app markets – Microsoft ones and private ones – and yet: SharePoint potential often lies in waste. Why?

The reason differs case by case of which all have one thing in common: SharePoint is often deployed for a specific purpose with the aim to use SharePoint also for different things once deployed. If that were the case, it would be great. We found though, that the intentions are most often very good, but reality shows that SharePoint is not further adapted after initially deployed.

It is a pity if a company does the first step, but then stops walking. The second, third and fourth step aren’t that hard and they are definitely worth it. SharePoint has a lot to offer, more than most companies or users think.

The reasons to deploy SharePoint are manifold; they reach from simple file sharing to complex content management. Most likely even more organizations will deploy SharePoint this year with Office 365, so it is time to use SharePoint at its fullest with apps, add-ons and extensions.

One step at the time, but don’t stop walking.

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