Technology of Toilets [Infographic]

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Every one of us has been in that awkward and terrible situation when we absolutely must find the nearest restroom or experience possibly the most embarrassing moment of our lives. Those are the times when there is nothing more important than that ever faithful friend, the toilet.  We may not often think of just how grateful we should be for this standard of humane living, but where would we be without it?

Did you know that the first recorded evidence of a flushing toilet dates back 2800 years to King Minos of Crete? It’s true; toilets are nothing new.  Really, it’s no wonder… After all, the problem of disposing of human waste has been in existence for as long as humans themselves.  It is one of those things that levels the playing field for all human beings.  Yet, even in this most humbling part of life, there have been those, throughout history, whose statement of status has been the “throne” of their bathroom.

To learn more about the history and future of toilets, check out this infographic, brought to you by  Happy flushing.

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