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The History of the Camera

Cameras have come more than a long way since their ancient beginnings. The pinhole camera, simply a light-proof box with a small hole in its side, set the stage for modern day photography as we know it. This simple optical imaging device has progressed over the years into the camera that is most likely on your smartphone today.

the history of the camera 1

Source: pixntell

Evolution of Camera and Photography

The first photography is captured using Camera-Obscura by Joseph Niepce. Big achievement but the image required eight hours of light exposure. Before Niepce, camera was used for creating Maps and Drafts. Discovered that Silver Nitrate gets Dark when it is exposed to light, the photochemical effect becomes the breakthrough in the making of film reel. The photo was directly printed on Paper.

evolution of camera and photography 1

Source: designzzz

Find the Perfect Camera

Noting beats this camera in terms of image quality. The film SLR version is great for super serious enthusiasts. A young digital camera created to sit in between a DSLR and a compact digital camera. Great quality image, looks stylish weigh less than a DSLR.

find the perfect camera 1

Source: opticscentral

The History of Photo Sharing

20 years ago the process of taking, processing, and distributing a photo could take weeks or longer. Now, mobile apps such as Instagram allow us share photos in seconds. What follows is a brief history of photo sharing- where we’ve been and where we’re going.

the history of photo sharing 1

Source: kissmetrics

The Story of Kodak-Best to Bankrupt

Camera had been around but this was a technological leap. It was the first consumer, and a pretty cheap one. Eastman’s policy was to keep the camera as cheap as it could be and make large profits on film and photo developing chemicals.

the story of kodak-best to bankrupt 1Source: designzzz

A Snapshot of the Photography Industry

Kodak’s recent filing for bankruptcy has made the dire condition of the photography industry painfully clear. Despite the fun relics of the past that disposable cameras and polaroids once were, the truth is we’re living in a digital world, and photography is no different.

a snapshot of the photography industry 1

Source: hightable

How the Camera Eye Has Come Full Circle

The ever-so-popular digital camera is the end product of century’s worth of evolution; from primitive pinholes, and the astonishingly early advent of color photography, to the high-tech 35mm cameras of the 20th century which are now all but obsolete. Digital cameras are now a standard feature in cell phones, sparking the shutter-bug in us all, yet they have returned to their original form despite decades of evolving.

how the camera eye has come full circle 1

Source: vukee

Go Small or Go Home

Smartphones have taken the photo market by force as they’re powerful (and compact) enough to be your primary camera. With this in mind, SmugMug’s camera awesome app provides smart shooters with all the tools and tricks they need to turn their iPhone pictures into works of art.

go small or go home 1

Source: mashable

Take Photos in Low Light

When you are taking pictures of people or objects, consider using a diffuser to lessen the harsh shadows. Put your camera in aperture priority mode, this will ensure that you control all available options.

take photos in low light 1

Source: snapsort

Night Photography Tips

A thorough understanding of your camera is essential for night photography. Fumbling with equipment you don’t know properly in low light makes for stressful, difficult photography.

night photography tips 1

Source: phototechniques

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