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History of the Mobile Phone

The first mobile telephone call made from a car occurred in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on June 17, 1946, using the Bell System’s Mobile Telephone Service, but the system was impractical from what is considered a portable handset today.

history of the mobile phone 1

Source: infographiclabs

How the Went World Mobile: History

Since the day Marty Cooper made that first mobile call back 1973, mobile technology and features have grown dramatically. Each year more features become available and each year phones seem to get smaller. Take a walk down mobile memory lane at some of the most influential handsets in history, cost at launch, and how far the mobile phone has come from being just a phone.

how the went world mobile 1

Source: rackspace

The Smart Phone Revolution

Since the launch of the IBM Simon in 1993, smartphone technology has reached levels that until recent times had only been dreamed about. A feature such as wireless sharing, HD video recording and mobile internet are now commonplace and today’s average smartphone has more processing power than the computers used by NASA to land a man on the moon.

the smart phone revolution 1

Source: dialaphone

The Mobile Developer Journey

As part of our developer economics 2010 research, visionmobile highlights some of the most important factors in the mobile developer journey from app design to monetization. Choice of platform is primarily based on commercial and not technical reasons.

the mobile developer journey 1

Source: visionmobile

The History of Photo Sharing

20 years ago the process of taking, processing, and distributing a photo could take weeks or longer. Now, mobile apps such as Instagram allow us share photos in seconds. What follows is a brief history of photo sharing – where we’ve been and where we’re going.

the history of photo sharing 1

Source: kissmetrics

The Shrinking Price of Mobile

When the mobile phone debuted decades ago, it was a device primarily used by police, taxi drivers and truckers, or the wealthiest in business. Today, cell phones are so pervasive that you cannot walk five steps without seeing a person talking or texting. Better yet, the devices have more capabilities and at a fraction of the cost of the phone of yesterday.

the shrinking price of mobile 1

Source: pcworld

Why you should Care about Mobile Security

Simple things you can do to protect yourself and your organization from today’s mobile computing threats. Byod is a Business trend that’s here to stay. Criminals may not have physical access to your device but can still crack its sensitive and confidential data.

why you should care about mobile security 1

Source: veracode

Mobile Phone Use in the U.S.

According to the US Census Bureau, in July 2011, there were 311,591,917 people living in the United States. Approximately 232,000,000 of them are connected by mobile devices such as tablets, cellphone, and smartphones.

mobile phone use in the U.S. 1

Source: steadyrain

How much do you interact with Your Cell Phone?

As we enter the ‘Post PC Era,’ new behavioral trends continue to emerge. Mobile usage differs based on location and culture. The below data is provided by tawkon, the Android app that allows safe and responsible use of a mobile phone.

how much do you interact with your cell phone 1

Source: tawkon

The First Moment of Truth is Going Mobile!

According to A.G. Lafley (former CEO of P&G), the first moment of truth is the moment a consumer walks up to a store shelf and finds the product stocked. This moment is actually going mobile. It is happening in the hands of consumers, as they use their smartphones to get info about products, compare features and prices at home or at the store.

the first moment of truth is going mobile 1

Source: momads

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