A Look at Trucking in America (Infographic)

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Every wonder how that order from Amazon or Ebay actually made it to your house? A sophisticated logistics network that depends on the commercial trucking industry is what keeps our economy humming along. Learn a little bit more about the people who ship your goods coast to coast.

How big is the American trucking industry? Over 15.5 million trucks are currently operating in the United States. Over 50 billion gallons of fuel, nearly 13 percent of all fuel purchased in the United States, is consumed by trucks. Of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, one in nine is an independent.

He will travel over 105,000 miles while accounting for only 2.4 percent of all accidents. His rig will cost, on average, six times more than the average car, $180,000 for truck and trailer compared to $30,000 for the average car. Find more information about trucking at Trucker to Trucker.com.

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a look at trucking in america 1Source: truckertotrucker

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