How good a driver are you? The Quiz (Infographic)

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Driving is not a game, it is a responsible and very dangerous activity. A lot of drivers neglecting the road traffic laws poses great hazards not only on their lives but for the lives of their passengers as well. To be a good drivier you should be very careful and calm. Getting nervous about the traffic situation will definitely not improve your driving skills. It is also important to think what drivers around you are trying to do, always think one or two steps ahead! Those, plus the all time specials: don’t get distracted, don’t drink and drive and of course – no speeding, make the difference between the good and bad driver!
If you have doubts whether you are well prepared to sit behind the wheel you may take the “ Are You a Good Diver?” game-quiz we have prepared for you before going to the DMV, and find out if how good you are in driving. It will just take you a few minutes to answer the following questions honestly and find out if you need to improve your driving skills.
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How good a driver are you


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