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The Real Effects of Drinking and Driving

Almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle accidents that involve an alcohol-impaired driver every day, 1 death for every 48 minutes.

the real effects of drinking and driving 1

Source: carinsurancecomparison

Driving While Intexticated

The minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when you’re texting and driving. If you’re traveling at 55mph, this equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road.

driving while intexticated 1

Source: onlineschools

Uncovering the Truth Behind Transportation Accidents

Everyone has fears, but many have fears and high anxiety regarding traveling, especially via cars and airplanes. How unfounded are these fears in reality? In this infographic we examine the real statistics behind transportation-related injuries and deaths in the US and look at ways you can improve your odds.

uncovering the truth behind transportation accidents 1

Source: dot

Young Driver Crash Stats

In the UK only 1 in eight driver license holders is aged 25 or under, yet one in three drivers who die is under 25. Young male drivers have much higher crash rates than young female drivers due to higher risk taking.

young driver crash stats 1

Source: claims4free

Fatal Crashes Involving Young Drivers in Washington 2004-2008

On Washington roadways, there were 1,003 fatal crashes involving a driver aged 16-25. These crashes resulted in a total of 1,142 deaths, which is an average of 228 deaths per year. This accounts for approximately 39% of all traffic deaths during the five-year period.

fatal crashes involving young drivers in washington 2004-2008 1

Source: davislawgroupseattle

Car Accidents

Worldwide, 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents. There were 33,963 last year in the US. That’s ¼ of all accidental deaths per year. Worldwide, that’s 3,287 deaths every day, in  the US, that’s 94 deaths per day.

car accidents 1

Source: autoblog

Interesting Facts About Car Accidents!

Your chances of getting into a car crash while talking on a cell phone increases by 400%. The cars that are more prone to accidents are sports cars and hatchbacks. Most car accidents occur within 3 miles of a person’s house.

interesting facts about car accidents! 1

Source: wrecked

What to Do in a Car Crash

Being involved in car crash can be a horrific experience but to make life easier, remain calm and follow these simple instructions! First thing’s first- define the damage and any injuries. Do this cooly and calmly, as panic spreads panic and medical attention may be required.

what to do in a car crash 1

Source: theclaimgroup

Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents continue to be one of the greatest threats to Americans, accounting for more accidental deaths than any other factor but drug poisoning. When operating a car, a driver assumes an implied responsibility for the safety of their passengers and other motorists on the road, but unfortunately, many drivers fail to upload safe driving practices.

car accident statistics 1

Source: withviclaw

UK Road Traffic Accidents: A Leading Killer

Every year, there are thousands of road traffic accidents in United Kingdom (UK). Being involved in an accident can leave anyone with injuries, from bruising to serious spinal or head injuries. Road traffic accident solicitors help people to claim road traffic accident compensation after an accident.

UK road traffic accidents a leading killer 1

Source: pannone

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