Top 10 Automobile Infographics

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Meet the Connected Car of the Future

We live in our cars and we want them to be as connected as everything else in our lives entertainment, information and an integrated experience at your fingertips is becoming the norm.

meet the connected car of the future 1Source: symphonyteleca

History of the Electric Car

Throughout history, Hobbyists, inventors, and corporations have replaces the Internal Combustion Engines of production automobiles with electric motors to create “electric” cars. In this graphic, we’re focusing on those automobiles which were designed, from the around up, to be powered by electricity only.

history of the electric car 1Source: infographicworld

Top Electric Vehicles

Electric motors have the advantage of instant torque, which means that you don’t have a clutch, and you don’t have transmission that kind of power can get addicting quick.

top electric vehicles 1Source: carfinance247

Evolution of Auto Safety

When Henry H.Bliss Died Sept. 14, 1899, he became the first of millions killed in automobile accidents in the United States. Automakers and government agencies have introduced many advances in auto safety over the years, from windshield wipers to airbags.

evolution of auto safety 1Source: zautos

4 Biggest Myths about Truckers

Truckers are dangerous drivers & cause most accidents, trucks are 3 times less likely to be in an accident than a regular motor vehicle. Commercial trucks are involved in 2.4% of all car accidents.

4 biggest myths about truckers 1Source: truckertotrucker

Automobiles and the Environmental Impact

Consumers have an opportunity to be more environmentally conscious as new hybrid and electric vehicles continue to reach the market. Despite the convenience of tried-and-true gas-powered cars, they affect the environment with their harmful emissions. Here is some data to show you just how much, so maybe you’ll consider a greener vehicle for your next purchase.

automobiles and the environmental impact 1Source: autobloggreen

Choosing the Right Line – The Science of Corners: Bike

Kinetic energy, Newton’s First Law, Gravity – these all affect a motocross rider, especially when trying to take a tricky corner or edge someone for the lead. And don’t forget about y=track design and conditions, such as corners filled with ruts or sleep berms.

choosing the right line the science of corners bike 1Source: motocrossgear

Expert Driving Techniques that could Save Your Life

Many of the 6 million car accidents that occur in the US each year could have been avoided if the drivers were more knowledgeable on the safety of driving. Experienced and professional drivers use different techniques to make them safer on the race track and on the road.

expert driving techniques that could save your life 1Source: imingle

Shaping the Future of Transport

The Volvo Group vision is to become world leader in sustainable transport solutions. We’re convinced that efficient transport is crucial for societal and economic development. We have the skills, resources and global reach to shape the future of transport.

shaping the future of transport 1Source: volvogroup

Cars of the Future

Automotive designers once thought we’d someday whiz around in flying cars with atomic reactors under the hood and glass-bubble tops. But now that the 21st century is unfolding, the car of yesterday’s future doesn’t exactly look like that.

cars of the future 1Source: aaat


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