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Cyclist: Are you With the Right Bike

Ever get the nagging feeling that another bike-younger, richer, smarter-might suit you better? Follow our flowchart to find out which type of bike is truly right for you.

cyclist are you with the right bike 1

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Balance Bikes Do

20 Lbs average weight of a 12” pedal bike with training wheels. Half the weight of a kids pedal bike, a balance bike is easy to control. It puts the emphasis on learning to balance first. Kids as young as two, some even just 18 months can start to learn to ride on a balance bike.

balance bikes do 1

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American Bicycle Commuters

How many people cycle to work in your state? Out of all U.S. states Oregon has the 2nd highest proportion of commuters traveling by bike. The state of Oregon allocates the 25th highest amount per hero of population to cycling and pedestrian projects annually.

american bicycle commuters 1

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American Support Funding For Sidewalks and Bike Lanes

12% of all trips made in this country are biking and walking. Americans took 4 billion bike trips in 2009, between 2000 and 2010 bike commuting increased 43%. Some lawmakers want to eliminate dedicated funding for biking and walking. Only 1.5% of federal transportation funding goes to biking and walking.

american support funding for sidewalks and bike lanes 1

Source: americabikes

Most Trips American Make are Less than 3 Miles

The average American household spends $7,179 per year on owning and driving their cars. More than 3x as many new bikes are sold each year than cars. 47% of Americans say they would like more bike facilities in their communities.

most trips american make are less than 3 miles 1

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The Future of Bicycle

Cycling is making a comeback in America, and that’s good for human health, the wallet, and the planet. When even the federal government is spending money on bicycle infrastructure and not nuclear, that means big things for a healthy green movement for Americans.

the future of bicycle 1

Source: wellhome

More than 3 Times as Many New Bicycles were Sold in the US than Cars

More than 3 times as many new bicycles were sold in the U.S. in 2010 than cars. 4-miles of biking keeps 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air.

more than 3 times as many new bicycles were sold in the US than cars 1

Source: walmart

Motorcycle History

The American Motorcycle Association estimated, after a 1947 riot incident in Hollister, California, that 99% of motorcyclist were law-abiding-the other 1% were outlaws gaining the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as governments around the world.

motorcycle history 1

Source: motorcycleinsurance

Electric Motorbike Vs A Traditional Motorcycle

A National Analysis of E-Bikes Versus the traditional motorcycle based on U.S. market trends & forecasts in addition to an influx of increasing gas prices. Brammo announces a 33% price drop on the Brammo Enertia: from a price of $11,995 electric motorcycle to $7995 before tax credits. The federal tax credit brings it down to $7195 and aggressive tax incentives in some states reduce the price further. In the state of Oregon, the price comes out to $5695.

electric motorbike Vs a traditional motorcycle 1

Source: plugbike

The Science of Corners

This 17th century discovery holds that objects at rest tend to stay at rest while objects in motion tend to remain in motion. It essentially means this: every object is most likely going to continue doing whatever it’s doing. If that is travelling at a high speed, then expect the object to continue travelling at a high speed.

the science of corners 1

Source: motocrossgear


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