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Israeli Settlement Bus Routes

Israel bus companies operate a transport network connecting illegal Israeli-only settlements throughout the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Access to these services is barred to Palestinians living in the surrounding areas.

israeli settlement bus routes 1Source: visualizingpalestine

Public Transportation is Green

When you ride the rails, bus, or carpool, the benefits are far-reaching. They impact everything from your wallet to the global environment. Additionally, in areas where people rely heavily on public transit systems, there is a noticeable reduction in traffic congestion and stress. Plus, people riding the rails get more errands out of the way while e route.

public transportation is green 1Source: creditdonkey

Facts about School Buses

School buses remain the dominant form of daily transportation for students. 26 million students ride school buses each day in the United States. 346.6 million total daily miles are saved by students riding school buses.

facts about school buses 1Source: schooltrainingsolutions

The Bus Stops Here

The bold Italic encourages correct Muni behavior. Muni is a strange beast. Every day we pay money to hang out in close quarter with hippies, burns downtowners, and all the other freaks that have made San Francisco home. If Muni-riding has gone well for you, ice work. You’re probably minding your p’s and q’s. if not, don’t worry-you’re not alone.

the bus stops here  1Source: thebolditalic

Bus Accidents

Buses and Motorcoaches are an economical way to travel and they keep million os cars from congesting the roadways. However, sometimes the Bus Company or driver can be negligent causing injuries to passengers and pedestrians.

bus accidents 1Source: good-legal-advice

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