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The Evolution of Car

It has been over a century since the first mass-produced car (The Ford Model-T) reached the consumer. Since then cars have transformed from gas-guzzling monstrosities to energy-efficient automobiles.

the evolution of cars 1Source: carloan4u

Petrol Vs Diesel – Which is more cost – Effective?

As fuel prices skyrocket, more motorists are turning to diesel vehicles with hopes that they’ll lower their driving costs. Last year, diesel car sales surpassed petrol-run car sales for the first time ever.

petrol vs diesel which is more cost effective 1Source: confused

The Mad Max History of Cars

This car was made exclusive for Australia and in 1976, when film makers Byron Kennedy and George Miller needed a evil looking car for the Mad Max movie they’ve choose this one, the Interceptor.

the mad max history of cars 1Source: topspeed

Why Drive Electric?

The United States imports nearly half of our refined petroleum, costing more than $ 1Billion daily. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil saves money and strengthens our national security.

why drive electric 1Source: pewenvironment

Electric Vehicles Vs Regular Gasoline Cars

Electric Vehicles (EV) use electricity stored in batteries to power one or more electric motors instead of gasoline. They have no tailpipe, use no fuel, combustion, or exhaust systems. When the batteries need recharging, you simply plug it in.

electric vehicles Vs regular gasoline cars 1Source: carinsurancecomparison

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