5 Facts About The Fascinating History Of Edinburgh In Scotland (Infographic)

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Edinburgh has a rich, colourful past as the infographic below reveals:

About the Castle

The castle has stood on the hill of an old and extinct volcano for centuries of time. In fact, David II rebuilt the castle on the spot in the mid-1300s. David II was the son of the famous Scottish hero king, Robert the Bruce.

Traveling to London Town

Now, a fast train can get its passengers to London in about 5 hours, and talks continue of train and rail upgrades that will decrease the time to 3 hours. The original “Journey Coach” that began in the mid-1600s got its passengers to London….eventually….

However, the travel time was at least two weeks!Making Golf HistoryThe first golf club organized after a win of the “Gentlemen Golfers” on March 7 in 1744. The town council presented the silver golf club at that event and suggested standards and rules be set. The “Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers” soon formed.

Remembering a Loyal Dog

In the mid-1800s, the Skye terrier named Bobby faithfully guarded his master’s grave in the kirkyard of Greyfriar for 14 years. A statue of the dog near the George IV Bridge remembers his story.

The University and Its Graduates

Edinburgh University began in the late 1500s, and it has been a prosperous institution of higher learning. During its many years offering a wide variety of degrees, the university has graduated students who have made their mark on the world. One well-known graduate is Eric Liddell who won the 400 metres in the 1924 Summer Olympics.

Today, Edinburgh proudly recalls its past history while embracing the modern technological age. A brief look at the past only begins to demonstrate what the city offers residents and visitors. Scottish heritage is alive and thriving in Edinburgh City.

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5 facts about the fascinating history of edinburgh in scotland 1
Source: infaweb

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