Animals From Around The World

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From narwhals to sloths, pangolins to flamingos, our planet is home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife and one of the best ways to discover the natural world is on a cruise.

Whether you’re embarking on a cruise to Norway and Scandinavia or the tropical jungles of South America, look out for unique species of mammals and birds. This handy infographic by ROL Cruise offers a guide to native animals from around the world, along with some interesting facts.

Did you know that polar bears are strong swimmers? They have been spotted in open Arctic waters as far as 200 miles from land. Moose are also naturally excellent swimmers. There are some truly remarkable creatures on Earth and even the most well-known species hold secrets.

Set off on a river cruise to get up close and personal with wildlife in Europe and Asia, or, if you just can’t decide, you can always spend some time touring every continent on a world cruise. One thing is for sure: no matter where you decide to go, there will always be a host of fascinating wildlife waiting for you.

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