Best Places for Men to Travel Alone (Infographic)

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Travelling is undoubtedly one of the most happening and enriching experience for all. If you are a man and thinking of travelling alone then there are many apt places that you can choose.

New York City is one of the best places for men if they wish to travel alone as it has amazing architecture, art galleries, interesting sightseeing destinations and exciting nightlife. Helsinki is also one of the interesting places for single men traveller as it has various attractions and also high proportion of women as compared to the rest of the Finland.

The capital city of Italy, Rome which is also known as the Eternal City is famous for its gorgeous women, amazing architecture and idyllic views. Another name in the list is of Montreal that has huge skyscrapers, bustling downtown and stunning views of the city.

In Miami one can spend their vacation at the South beach that has gorgeous women and can also enjoy various stunning attractions. Stockholm is also very famous among men travellers for its beautiful women, bars and pubs and amazing cafeterias.

Moscow is known for having the largest nightclubs in the world and it has an amazing nightlife. Besides these other places in the list are Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Barcelona, San Francisco and The Dominican Republic.

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best places for men to travel alone 1Source: thetravelerszone

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