When to go on holiday to Mauritius

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Due to the paradise island of Mauritius’ location so close to the equator, the country only experiences two seasons: summer and winter. Even in winter temperatures never drop below 21 degrees Celsius. There is a difference of approximately 4.3°C between the two seasons, so depending on whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or a more active escape, choosing the right month for a holiday to Mauritius should be done with care.

Summer in Mauritius runs from November to April, and whilst the temperature is gloriously warm, the summer season is prone to rain, thunderstorms, and cyclones. The most popular summer month to visit Mauritius is November, where you can swim with dolphins in the warm sea, the hot temperatures making it the perfect month for a beach honeymoon.

Winter in Mauritius is still very warm, but not as hot as summer, meaning you can take advantage of the warm weather but also enjoy hiking, golfing, and even horse-riding through the clear blue waters. The most popular winter month to visit Mauritius is September, as the sea is very warm and the days are at their longest.

This calendar-style infographic helps you decide when to visit and what are the best times to take part in local events and activities.

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