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When Americans set out for adventure, where do we go? According to this infographic from Hipmunk, we are the leaders in domestic travel — maybe because our giant country offers a lot to see between the mainland, the Hawaiian islands, and Alaska. When we want our passport stamped, we head toward Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

The good old U.S. of A. is also a popular destination for inbound travel. Our 69 million visitors put us on the second place platform below France but above Spain in the Olympics of international arrivals.

This graphic packs a lot of interesting data into a small space, and some of it is surprising. You’ll never guess which countries top the world for average trips per year, or who takes the prize for most international travel. It might also surprise you to learn that the United Arab Emirates was America’s darling in the 2010s, pulling us in with promises of luxury and shopping.

Planning some travel of your own this year? Let Hipmunk know where you’re going by tweeting @thehipmunk with your travel plans.

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Source: hipmunk

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