Winter Sun (Infographic)

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It’s hard to imagine flying through warm sea waters on a Jet Ski or sitting outside eating fine cuisine until the early hours whist at home wrapped up in a duvet, or under an electric blanket turned up to eleven. However what better time to break away on a short holiday than now!  You can return with a warm glow and a spring in your step and a few stories that no-one in the office will want to hear.

Here at my destination we have put together a list of places that will help thaw out those winter blues.  We have handpicked some of the most popular winter destinations as well as a couple of lesser known ones thrown in. From the sun baked shores of Cancun to the narrow winding streets of Marrakesh, this list has it all. So check in jump on and make that flight to a place that will help you through hose dreary winter months!

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Source: mydestination

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