7 of the Best Bridal Shower Games for the Perfect Bridal Shower

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Planning a bridal shower and looking forbest bridal shower games to get the party started? You might not think that games are a vital part of prepping for a bridal shower, but trust us, the right games can make a bridal shower even more fun!

We have gathered a list of some of the best bridal shower games ever to help get you started.

Funny Questions Games:
The Big Quiz
As one of the most popular games, The Big Quiz is a great game to get the party going. Prior to the party, prepare a list of questions for the groom: how they met, his pet peeves, funny quirks about the bride, and so forth. Hold on to his responses until the shower and then as the bride the same questions. See if she can guess her fiancé’s responses. To make it eve more fun, have the groom join the game via Skype to see his reactions to her response.

Wedding Jeopardy
Another crowd pleaser is Wedding Jeopardy! You would make a home-made Jeopardy board with categories related to the bride and the wedding. Some suggestions are: Favorite Movies, Pet Peeves, How They Met and so on. Come up with three questions for each category ranging from easy to challenging and assign point to each. Then team up and start the game! Don’t forget to have a really hard question for Final Jeopardy!

Team Games:
Purse Raid
Another fun way to engage all of the guests, is Purse Raid. First you would make a list of items that women commonly carry in their purses. (add some crazy items to make it more fun). Examples include: lip gloss, tampons, condoms, credit cards and so on. Then you read the list aloud and each guests have to find that item in their purse. Prizes can be awarded to whomever has the most items or whomever finds them the fastest, etc.

Guess The Cake Flavor
Of course, one of the games has to involve food! You can either order (or bake) several flavors of mini cupcakes for the shower. You would blindfold the guests and then have them taste the different flavors. To help them cleanse their taste buds, you can all sip champagne between tastes, for an added twist. The person who guesses the most flavors correctly is the winner!

Dressing Games:
Dressing the Bride
Sure, everyone has heard of the bridal shower game where you team up and make a toilet paper dress and the bride gets to pick the best one? Well, here’s another fun dress-up game for the bridal shower. In advance, ask all of the guests to bring one of their craziest wardrobe items with them such as a funny hat, ugly sweater and the like. The gaudier the better! Then you get to dress the bride and decide which items make the best bridal outfit. Don’t forget to take plenty of shots for Instagram and Snapchat!

Classic Games:
Bridal Bingo
Bridal bingo is a truly a classic game for bridal showers. And you can come up with some fo the best prizes for bridal shower games for bridal bingo..from keepsake bingo cards with pictures of the happy couple to miniature bottles of champagne!

Before the shower create bingo cards but instead of numbers, you would fill the spots with facts about the bride and groom: how they met, their favorite TV show, their future children’s names and so forth. Then instead of calling out numbers, you call out questions and the guests have to mark their sheets with the answers until somoene gest a “BINGO!”

Telephone — The “Love Story” Version
Another fun game to keep everyone involved, is the “Love Story” version of Telephone. You start off by writing the first line of a love story about the bride and groom (starting with how the couple meets) and then pass the pen and paper to the next person, who then adds another line. Keep passing the paper around til everyone has contributed. However, the twist is that you fold the paper over to cover the story so that only the sentence prior to the one you will be adding is showing. Once everyone has added their line, the bride-to-be must read the story aloud.

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Best Bridal Shower Games

We hope you found our suggestions of best bridal shower games to be helpful! We are sure that you will be the hostess with the mostest! Andif you are having trouble figuring out how to get starred with the planning the shower in general, here is a helpful infographic from Weddingforward to help get you started.

As well, this guide will help you plan the Bachelorette Party. Keep in mind that the Bachelorette Party is usually a more intimate group of closer friends and family members. The bridal shower is a more formal event and the majority of the majority of the female wedding guests will attend. But whenever you have planned, make sure to be well prepared and most of all have fun! You want these moments to be something the bride to be will always remember!

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