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What do Wedding Vendors Cost?

Ever wonder what having professional wedding vendors will cost? Here are the averages for the 10 top components of a wedding from seasoned wedding professionals across the country!

what do wedding vendors cost 1Source: theeverylastdetail

How Dates and Times Impact the Cost of Weddings?

Every year, over 2 million Americans tie the knot. What is already an expensive event can be even more expensive, depending on the time of year and even the time of day. These seemingly minor factors have major effects on how much venues and vendors charge. We break down the most expensive dates and locations for weddings.

how dates and times impact the cost of weddings 1Source: turbotax

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to expect. It is essential that you know exactly what you’re doing when photographing weddings. The following 13 tips are designed to help you avoid the common headache, stress, and failure that many beginners in wedding photography face.

wedding photography tips 1Source: cooldailyinfographics

Weddings and the costs of Tying the Knot

Each year, there are approximately 26 million weddings in the U.S. and the average wedding costs $26.951 (not including the honeymoon). That is more than enough to buy a brand new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas.

weddings and the costs of tying the knot 1Source: millionairecorner

The True Cost of a Wedding Knot

Envious ladies around the world are abuzz about the upcoming Royal Wedding – the dress, the ring the colors! Oh my! With a price tag of around $48 million, it makes the average American wedding, coming in just under a measly $27,000, seem almost affordable. For those of you planning your own not-so-royal-affair, read on to learn where your money may go.

the true cost of a wedding knot 1Source: creditsesame

Wedding Traditions of the World

Very few contemporary weddings take place without exchanging rings, tossing the bridal bouquet or breaking champagne glasses, but few people know where these traditions came from.

wedding traditions of the world 1Source: rianovosti

Wedding Food

French service or Russian service? Italian food or southern? Planning a wedding menu is no cake walk, but before you pick the type of food, you might want to pick the kind of reception.

wedding food 1 Source: simplybridal

A Brief History of Weddings

From gift giving to honeymooning, the contemporary wedding is steeped in tradition. But when did these traditions begin, and what do they signify? Take a look at the historic development of weddings, and see some of the most lavish gifts exchanged between bride and groom.

a brief history of weddings 1Source: weddingtrivia

Preparation is Key: A Month-by-Month Guide to Planning Your Wedding

The average engagement in the U.S. is 16 months. Here is a rundown of how to plan your wedding with the least amount of stress!

preparation is key a month-by-month guide to planning your wedding 1Source: pennoakswestchesterpa

The Real Cost of Attending a Wedding

A look at just how much it costs to go to a wedding, from travel to food & drink, wedding gifts to child care. It all adds up!

the real cost of attending a wedding 1Source: henheaven

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