25 Odd Jobs That Pay Well (Infographic)

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If you think that only a person with a bachelor’s degree graduation can earn quite handsome, you may have to revise your basic math. May be the art involved, may be the skill required, may be the risk or may be the demand, people with odd jobs make somewhere between decent to quite handsome money in the current job market.

Some of these jobs are real boon for those who have ideas to embark upon their dream lives even if they do it for short stints. It is merely the skill and basic human creativity that matters in these sort of roles. Just with a bit of training and fine tuning, anyone can excel in these roles.

Top three high pay roles:

To be in the sea and that too cooking food for the people during most of the year is no pleasure. Hence, people with some decent six year experience as a cook on decks can earn as high as USD 200,000 which equals the pay of a junior admiral.

Cartoon dubbing artistes earn about 325 bucks for 5 minutes. So, even a new guy in the role can amass 80,000 bucks per annum. An oil & gas diver earns on par with him.

May be due to the wide spread use of the elevators and escalators, an elevator/escalator mechanic earns about 70,000 bucks with considerable skill.

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