Business Nirvana: The Pursuit of Perfection (Infographic)

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Every company strives for perfection in their products and outcomes.  The fewer defects there are the less money and time the company spends on correcting them.  The Six Sigma philosophy raises the bar on perfection.  The goal is to achieve business nirvana by removing flaws that create variations in the product.  If there are next to no flaws, everything operates at maximum efficiency.  The ultimate in Six Sigma success is to achieve only 3.4 defects per 1,000,000 pieces.  Most US companies operate at only 3-4 Sigma quality, which means they lose up to 25% of their total revenue from waste or repair of too many defective products.

Six Sigma began as a way for Motorola to achieve better manufacturing success, but it has now been adopted into many different kinds of businesses as an excellent efficiency philosophy.  There are three levels of Lean Six Sigma Mastery, with the highest level being Master Black Belt.  Any Black Belt, with 15+ years of experience, typically earns up to 41% more than a Black Belt with 3-5 years of experience.

Take a look at this infographic to find out more about Six Sigma and how it could vastly improve your company’s efficiency.

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