How do People make Money Social Trading? (Infographic)

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Ever wondered what the benefits of sharing your trades on a social network are? Why do people join social trading networks? Do you want to know how people make money from social trading platforms? Beyond statistical analysis and the chance to interact and connect with other traders, some social trading networks also offer rebate programs. This infographic shows you how you can benefit from trade sharing and copying. The infographic shows how leaders with winning strategies get rewarded for their trading acumen. Social Trading is the new thing to take over the online trading world. But how do people benefit from sharing in their trades in social world? How do people earn a side income from social trading?

For followers, social trading shortens the time it takes to develop winning strategies by shortening the learning curve and leveraging knowledge of the pro’s. Traders can also interact to improve knowledge by interacting with some of the more experienced traders. For more infographics and easy to understand visuals, visit for more.

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