Top 10 Sales Infographics

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Evolution of Sales Person

The person of a salesperson in a locality was enough to ensure that someone would buy something. Consumer did not have access to business content or direct access to corporations. They bought based on which brand advertised more features and benefits.

evolution of sales person 1

Source: caskeyone

How Small Business Blogs Increase Sales

A large percentage of small businesses are missing out on a huge chunk of their online presence and failing to realize how much traffic and sales they can be driving from their websites. Nearly 2/3rds of marketers are saying that their blogs are “important” or “critical” to their business (Source Hubspot Inbound Marketing Report 2011). There are customers out there who have the exact problem you can solve but simply cannot find you.

how small business blogs increase sales 1

Source: imbuemarketing

10 Ways to Increase Sales in 2012

While trying out new ways to boost sales can be risky, there’s a reason why they say “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Here are Truaxis’ top ways to help you increase sales in 2012.

10 ways to increase sales in 2012 1

Source: truaxis

Who’s Driving Shopping Traffic for Retail Sites

While facebook generates the lion’s share of society driven shopping sessions, Pinterest has a surprisingly large share as the relative newcomer. Pinterest’s image-oriented interface and curated content appear to be more effective than 140-character Tweets in driving traffic to retail sites.

who’s driving shopping traffic for retail sites 1

Source: richrelevance

Retail Magazine Sales Fall

Retail sales of magazines continued to decline in the first half of 2012, and in fact fell at a faster pace than they did a year ago, according to data released last week by MagNet, based in Metairie, La. Supermarket chains captured 34% of retail sales, down from 34.4% of retail sales, down from 34.4% in 2011, although the channel remains by far the top venue for sales.

retail magazine sales fall 1

Source: supermarketnews

Video Games: Digital vs Retail Sales

Physical retail sales of computer and video games are currently on their lowest level since 2006. Physical sales still make up the lion’s share of gaming software revenue, but digital delivery is becoming increasingly important.

video games digital vs retail sales 1

Source: statista

How Your Sales Messaging Affects Conversion Rates

It is widely known that sales messaging affects conversion rates on e-commerce sites, but what works and doesn’t? do button colors really impact sales? What can you change about your sales messaging to reach more customers and increase profits?

how your sales messaging affects conversion rates 1

Source: zippycart

Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Sales

The average time a salesperson spends searching for relevant information to prepare for sales calls. Reps may research as many as different sources to find information on prospects.

why big data is a big deal for sales 1

Source: lattice-engines

The Mysterious Mind of a Sales Manager

It’s a perilous and sometimes chaotic world inside the mind of a sales manager. Take a journey from the negotiation node to the training video ganglions and see just what it takes to master the art of the sale.

the mysterious mind of a sales manager 1

Source: mindflash

e Commerce Today: Who is Shopping Online?

Of all U.S. adults, those with larger annual income use the internet more than those with smaller annual income. Global eCommerce  growth is 19.4% per year and worldwide eCommerce totaled $572.5 billion in 2010.

e Commerce today who is shopping online 1

Source: budco

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