The Top 10 Misconceptions About Microsoft Sharepoint (Infographic)

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Few people with their ears to the ground in the technology industry can have missed the explosive growth in Sharepoint’s user-base, since this innovative web application platform was first launched by Microsoft in 2001.

Fast forward to 2013 and we are now witnessing a platform with tens of millions of users which is rapidly growing in number each month.

Sharepoint conferences all over the world are attended by hoards of eager aficionados, and a vast number of dedicated Sharepoint blogs and forums have sprung up all over the internet, revealing tutorials, tips and tricks on how best to get the most out of Sharepoint.

However, despite the community’s good intentions, a number of misconceptions have arisen which have caused confusion in some circles. People have been asking a number of questions including:

“Will Sharepoint run on Apple Macs?” and “Can my IT department install it?”

Not to worry, this new infographic recently released by Scotland’s, a Microsoft Gold partner, seeks to clear up 10 of the most common misconceptions that arise.

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the top 10 misconceptions about microsoft sharepoint 1

Source: evokeit

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