Top 5 Computer Infographics

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The State of Tablet Adoption at Work

Since the Apple iPad tablet was introduced to consumers in 2010, enterprises have been looking for ways to incorporate tablets into the workplace. Meanwhile other companies are introducing tablet alternatives that incorporate the security, control, and flexibility features that the business world demands.

the state of tablet adoption at work 1Source: venturebeat

The Lifespan of Storage Media

For as long we have been inventing ways to capture ad present data, we have been developing media o which to store it. With each new innovation, we’ve seen greater convenience, increased storage capacity, and longer lifespans. But at some point, even with the utmost care, media fails… leaving us with a useless piece of plastic, tape or metal.

the lifespan of storage media 1Source: code42

Computer Performance

Computer performance is characterized by the amount of useful work accomplished by a computer system compared to the time and resource used. This infographic will compare some fascinating computer power statistics which include the NASA space mission, the “Allied forces”, and smartphones.

computer performance 1Source: toughrack

Computer Interface Technology through the Ages

The long history of user interfaces spans the decades from the primitive punched-card days of the 1950s, through the typed command lines of the 1960s, to the familiar windows and icons of today and beyond.

computer interface technology through the ages 1Source: technewsdaily

Is My Computer Infected?

A computer virus is a program that infects files on your computer or network server, and then makes copies of it. Some can damage or destroy your files. Viruses usually trick you into taking some action, which transmits the virus to your computer. You can get a virus via email, a web link or if it is hidden inside a file or application that you downloaded from the internet.

is my computer infected 1Source: toptenreviews

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