20 Useful Phrases To Write A Top-Notch Essay

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Proper grammar, style and spelling is not enough to make your essay outstanding. If you want to make your paper shine, consider using phrases listed in the following infographic.
This word will help you to keep your readers engaged and interested throughout the entire essay.

Additional Information
Word “and” is constantly overused by writers. Stop repeating it, or you will bore your readers to sleep. It’s better to use sophisticated alternatives, as “likewise”, “what’s more”, ‘’furthermore”, “similarly’’ and “as well as.”

Demonstrating Contrast
Replace the word “but” with more interactive phrases such as “however”, “yet”, “then again”, “having said that”, “on the other hand.” These alternatives will still highlight the contrast between your ideas while also making the essay sound more persuasive.

General Explanations
Phrases such as “in other words”, “to that end”, “that is to say”, “to put it another way”, “in order to” might be extremely helpful to make your explanation more easily understood. Start your general explanation with this phrases to improve the structure of your essay.

Giving Examples
If you want to sound persuasive, always include examples in your papers. However. it’s not enough to simply use the phrase “for example.” Replace it with phrases such as “let’s say”, “in particular”, “for instance”, “to give an illustration.”

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