Seven Tips for Picking the Right College Major (Infographic)

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For some students, choosing a major is a no-brainer. They know exactly what they want to do in life and what major will help get them on their way. But if you’re in the roughly 80% of students who head to college “Undecided” choosing a field of study can be overwhelming. According to Dr. Andy Grant, dean of academic services at Walsh University, students should begin researching colleges as early as their freshman year in high school. Reflect on your high school years, considering the courses you enjoyed and got excited about.

Talk to friends and family who have recently been to college and ask them about their experiences. Consider things like the size of the school, if it’s public or private, what programs and extra-curriculars are offered. And be sure not to rush into your decision, take some time to explore basic classes in a variety of subjects to test the waters. We’ve assembled Dr. Grant’s advice into one handy infographic. Here are his top seven tips for choosing a major.

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