How Many Faxes Are Sent Globally Including Cost and Environmental Implications (Infographic)

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Whilst you might think of the humble fax machine as being a rather out-dated mode of communication, they are still being used in great volumes throughout the World.  This infographic shows just how many fax machines there are around the globe, how many faxes are being sent, how much paper (and in turn trees) is being used each year, and an indication on what this could cost for you and your company.

For example, did you know that there are over 17 million fax machines in the US alone, with a global figure of just over 46 million.  If we assume that each fax machine sends one fax per day on average then the amount of faxes being sent each year globally weighs in at massive 16.9 million.

In terms of paper usages that’s enough sheets to reach over 800 miles high (or a whopping 1,300 kilometers).  For those of you that watched Felix Baumgartner’s space jump recently, try to imagine a pile of paper 35 times higher than the distance he fell from space!

For the environmentally minded amongst you, the amount of paper being used just to send faxes each year roughly equates to 2 million trees being cut down – that’s the same size as nearly 5,000 football pitches!

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how many faxes are sent globally including cost and environmental implications 1Source: couponchili

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