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How Technology Destroys and Uses Earth’s Natural Resources

Rare earth elements are key to maintaining our current economy and lifestyle, and crucial to developing a sustainable future. While more abundant than many other minerals, REEs are not concentrated enough to make them easily exploitable economically.

how technology destroys and uses earth’s natural resources 1

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Is the World Thirsty for Water Management?

The World Bank estimates that global costs from leaky water pipes total $14 billion annually. Our water infrastructure, in service for upwards of 100 years in many regions, is under pressure, to say the least. Worldwide, up to 60% of water is lost due to leaky pipes-to the tune of USS 14 billion every year.

is the world thirsty for water management 1

Source: IBM

WHO: The Embarrassing Lack of Clean Water Access in the World

According to the United Nations, unsanitary water kills more people worldwide than war. As the precious water supply dwindles, it may prove to be more than just a crisis for developing countries. Only a little more than half of the Sub-Saharan African population has access to safe drinking water.

the embarrassing lack of clean water access in the world 1

Source: worldwater

How is Wind Power Harvested?

A wind is produced from the uneven heating of the atmosphere and irregularities in the earth’s surface. The air movement between these areas is what we refer to as wind. Just as we can use flowing water to turn turbines, we can harness the power of the wind with wind turning to create electricity.

how is wind power harvested 1

Source: egsustainability

Evolution of Solar Technology

While solar has been refined over the years, the basic technology is still the same. What has changed is that solar is now cost competitive with conventional energy.

evolution of solar technology 1

Source: nationalgeographic

How Mountain Top Mining is done and it’s Effects on the Environment

In the last decade, the escape and scale of mountaintop mining has escalated with dragline use. These machines can weigh up to 8 million pounds and stand as tall as a 20-story building. In an 8-hour shift, a dragline operator can move enough soil for 40 million houseplants.

how mountain top mining is done and it’s effects on the environment 1Source: nrdc

The Great American Oil Rush

In 1951 oil is discovered in the subsurface of the Bakken Formation, a rock unit under the soil of North Dakota, Montana, & Saskatchewan. However, the oil proves difficult to retrieve.

the great american oil rush 1

Source: npr

How to Reduce Wastes at Events

Trade shows can generate an exuberant amount of garbage. The trash comes from flyers, samples, packaging, and much more, and it piles up fast, creating endless amounts of unused or barely used materials. Check out the graphic below that illustrates some solutions for “cleaning” up the trade show industry and making them a green-friendly environment.

how to reduce wastes at events 1

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Save the World by Saving Energy in Your Home

Today, the majority of residential and commercial construction is done with energy efficiency in mind. In the US alone, buildings count for 72% of electricity consumption. Since so much energy is used in the residential sector, conserving energy in your home is an easy and effective to reduce the world’s energy consumption.

save the world by saving energy in your home 1

Source: elocal

Benefits of Hybrid

The average American drives 15,000 miles a year, the distance from Los Angeles to Sydney and back. Americans use 140 billion gallons of gas per year, enough to fill 6.6 million swimming pools. We would save 715 million tons of co2 pollution per year, more than the total co2 air pollution of Canada or the United Kingdom.

benefits of a hybrid 1

Source: motortrend

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