The Unfiltered Truth about Water (Infographic)

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DBS Interactive has enjoyed a lot of success in creating traffic for our client’s websites by designing dynamic infographics. For our client Evergreen AES Environmental Services, which specializes in industrial clean up and hazardous waste management, we wanted to create an interactive infographic that achieved a couple of goals. One being that we wanted it to speak to industry that Evergreen AES serves and the other being we wanted to make the infographic highly sharable across a large segment of people.

We feel we achieved the latter by making it educational and informative, which could lead to shares from conservationist, educators and, of course, the everyday person who enjoys sharing information. These facts are interesting in themselves and could have worked on a well-designed static infographic, but we felt making it interactive takes it to another level and can increase shares.

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the unfiltered truth about water 1Source: evergreenaes

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